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Dear Yuletide Writer...

Hi there, and thank you for coming to read this letter! Just the fact that you're out there — liking one (or more) of my rare fandoms, and writing a story for me — makes me happy. So please don't agonize over anything; just try to enjoy yourself and I'm sure I'll love the end result :)

I'm a shipper at heart, and my requests definitely reflect that. I do apologize if that's not your thing, but I assure you that I'll enjoy warm gen as well. If it is your thing, though? I especially love first time stories, and I prefer something plotty over pure PWPs (but I certainly won't mind if you feel like including a sex scene).

Aside from that, the things I like are all over the place — so I'll list a few for you below. Keep in mind that there's no reason for you to worry if the stuff I list aren't what you had planned! I'm only writing this to give you some ideas; I'd personally panic if my recipient were to leave blank details and no letter (I'm just gonna assume you feel the same way *sheepish grin*). So, here we go:

♥ Characters who are unflinchingly loyal, including betrayals that are actually done for the sake of the other.
♥ Stoic characters opening up and revealing feelings they normally wouldn't; the strong-and-silent type showing unexpected vulnerability. If crying is involved, all the better.
♥ Protectiveness — especially if the character being protected is quite capable of taking care of themselves, and isn't used to someone caring like that.
♥ Unrequited love and longing that ends up not being that unrequited after all. UST is great as well, especially if finally resolved.
♥ Lonely characters finding companionship.
♥ Characters who share a "I understand what you need without having to be told" bond.
♥ Differences between lovers — height, age, etc.
♥ Moments where one character is completely out of it (due to sleepiness or being wounded or whatever), but is still aware of the other just being there; a comforting and safe presence.
♥ Rivalries, both of the friendly sort and the more antagonistic kind.
♥ Desperate kissing in the rain. DON'T JUDGE MEEE~

And on the flip side, things I don't want:

★ Sad stuff involving animals (death, cruelty, and so on).
★ Focus on social issues.
★ Crossovers.
★ Genderswap.
★ Crack.
★ Meta.
★ Alternate Universe fics. I actually like AUs, but since these fandoms are rare I'd like to get fic of them as they are. However, since I pretty much ask for it in one of my requests, I don't mind Alternate Reality (what-if/fix-it) fics.

Now then, here are my actual requests:

Backdraft Stephen McCaffrey ~ Brian McCaffrey

I just want Stephen to live! I love everything about him, from his fierce protectiveness to his taste in music — and I just want him to be
happy. My heart bleeds for him throughout the whole movie, and when the ending comes it pretty much just rips out the desiccated remains and stomps on it. It's especially sad because I feel like, in some ways, he just gave up. It was as if he thought that there was no reason to fight; no reason to keep living, because he was no longer needed. He'd seen that his little brother could take care of himself and was on the way to becoming a great firefighter, and his ex-wife had told him in no uncertain terms that she didn't want him around her or their son (the most cruel scene in the entire movie, IMHO. I understand her reasoning, it's not that, but you could tell that Stephen had really begun to hope that things would be okay, and then bam).

I... don't know if incest is something that bothers you or not, but if it isn't? I'd absolutely love to see a fic that pairs up Stephen and Brian. Their relationship — the rivalry, and the deep caring and protectiveness they both feel for the other — pretty much hits all of my buttons. Now, if Stephen were to survive, I'm not sure if he'd return to being a firefighter. What he says to Brian in the ambulance, of being tired of hearing the siren, really speaks volumes. So maybe they could finish fixing up the boat, and then take it out for a while? A lot could happen on the open sea! *laughs* No, but seriously, don't worry if incest isn't your thing. Loving brotherly feelings will be wonderful, as well. Basically I just want some comfort to go with all that hurt, y'know?

What else can I say about Stephen... He lives on a goddamn boat in some isolated shipyard, he cries alone in burned-down buildings and tries drinking himself to oblivion when upset and feeling guilty about Tim, and yet he manages to be strong for the sake of others and reliable and — take some of the deleted scenes, for example! That one where he goes to get a towel for Brian? It's such a sweet and caring thing to do, and then you can tell that he's really trying, not to mention the way he just stares after Brian when he's walking away...! And oh, speaking of the deleted scenes, I'm so pissed that they chopped up that final confrontation on the boat! The original, in its fullness, was so important — that cut part was pivotal to their characters and their relationship.

I realize that I've mainly written about Stephen so far, which probably makes it seem like Brian is an afterthought — that isn't the case at all! I love him too, I promise. It'd be hard not to, what with the way he just throws himself into the fistfight at the party to protect Stephen, and how desperately eager he is to prove himself to his brother — and to just do something for him (a good example of this is when Brian installs speakers on the boat). One of the things I admire the most about Brian is how damn tough he is. Everyone has him pegged as a quitter, but that really isn't the case at all. He keeps struggling, trying new things and attempting to find his place in life. And he doesn't seem to care if people thinks he looks stupid; he bravely gives firefighting another go, even though he knows people are gonna make fun of him for it. I think Brian's attitude and willingness to keep going could really benefit Stephen, were he to survive.

First Blood | Rambo John Rambo ~ Samuel Trautman

First off, if you've read the original book and the two subsequent novelizations, feel free to incorporate however much you want from them. Even though there are some big differences between the books and the movies, I pretty much consider them to be the same canon (if the Yuletide rules had allowed it, I would've nominated this as "books and/or movies"). But uh, there
are some things I'd rather not have you include, obviously — i.e. keep Trautman away from shotguns!

I'd love to see a fic set after the third movie. It's not that I don't like the fourth one, but in this particular case I'd prefer it if you could just ignore it. I like to think that Rambo and Trautman stayed together after driving off into the sunset leaving Afghanistan. They make such a great team (just look at how they
instantly fall into a confident rhythm when they're breaking out of that Russian prison, or the deleted scene where Trautman spots for Rambo when he's struggling with aiming the Dragunov), and they care very deeply for each other — and I honestly think they both want to stick together. Hell, take the second book for example — at the end when Rambo says he's leaving to live day by day, Trautman replies by asking "You want some company?"

As you might have suspected, I do ship them. Very, very much. So, needless to say, I'd be thrilled if you wanted to take them in that direction!

One of the things that gets to me the most about Rambo, is how hard he is on himself. He pushes himself to the utmost, completely heedless of the damage he inflicts on his own body. Like that scene in the third movie, where he cauterizes his wound in order to be able to keep fighting. Or, in the third book, where he's basically killing himself trying to get everyone to safety. He can't see straight because he hasn't slept in days, and subsequently berates himself for being a "lazy bastard". (One of my favorite parts comes here too, where Rambo wonders just how much longer he can keep going, and then grits his teeth because: "For Trautman? Forever.") I'd love to see a moment where Trautman tells him to take it easy, and just shows that he truly cares. Maybe that seems OOC to you, but I honestly don't think it is. Trautman never hesitates to go out of his way for Rambo's sake, and judging by some of the things he says — "Seems like bailing you outta trouble's getting to be a lifetime job for me." — he's quite at peace with it, as well. And when Rambo is playing that tank-versus-helicopter game of chicken, Trautman pretty much panics. He yells at Rambo to get out of there, and then starts running towards him. And the look on his face when the explosion clears and Rambo crawls out of the tank...!

I love that Trautman calls Rambo by his first name. He's the only one that does, and I think it might actually mean a lot to Rambo. I also love that they both have such a good sense of humor! They manage to crack some dry, kinda self-deprecating, ironic jokes throughout the series — even when facing insurmountable odds, showing that they understand each other well enough to be able to do that.

Another thing I love about their relationship is the complete trust they have in each other. Rambo says it straight out; telling Trautman that he's the only one he trusts. Trautman, on his part, shows it. He does so more than once, but take the first movie for example — Rambo is clearly unraveling, yet Trautman fearlessly confronts him and even goes so far as to wrench the rifle from his hands.

Fly, Daddy, Fly Sunshin Park ~ Hajime Suzuki

I love everything about this movie; from the father-daughter bond, to the guys in the bus. But most of all I love the relationship between Sunshin and Hajime. And yes, I ship them like crazy! They're one of my absolute favorite pairings, to the point where I could analyze the smallest of details at length — I won't do that though, so don't worry ;)

I think it's pretty clear that Sunshin is really quite lonely. It's something he probably wouldn't admit, especially considering all the rumors that circulate about him. I feel like he probably thinks it's better that way; it's easier and less painful to just stay isolated, however much he might actually wish he had someone to talk to. So the way he slowly gains respect for his pupil, and how that morphs into genuine companionship, is just wonderful to watch. Look at his secretly happy smile right after Hajime gives him the rock, for example! Hajime on his part has absolute faith in his teacher ("I... believe in
you."), while also coming to deeply care about him.

I'd love to see a fic set after the movie, because certain aspects of the ending simply break my heart. Please tell me they retained their friendship and still spent time together! I'd also really love to see a moment where Hajime is able to protect Sunshin, as per the request in the tree scene.

I adore Sunshin's fondness for Enter The Dragon, and how he incorporates it into his teachings. And I love how Hajime, who hasn't even seen it before, immediately goes out and buys it. One of my favorite scenes is when Hajime turns the tables on Sunshin, at the amusement park. It always makes me smile, the way he's all cocky about it, when he teasingly quotes Sunshin's favorite movie back at him. It shows just how well they've come to know each other (not to mention the fact that Hajime apparently watched it closely enough to even be able to do that, which I think speaks volumes).

As much as I love the two of them, together, Hajime is married. I don't like infidelity, and I also think it'd be completely OOC for Hajime to betray his wife. So if you do go the slash route, I'd prefer it if their marriage had ended amicably. Just please don't make Yuko the villain; what little we saw of her I did like. The same goes for Haruka — I loved her to bits, and I think she'd try to support her father no matter what.

I should also mention that for Sunshin's name, I'm using the romanization from the DVD. But I don't mind at all if you'd prefer to write it Soon-shin or some other way!

The Silent Flute | Circle Of Iron Cord ~ The Blind Man

This is one of my absolute favorite movies; I never get sick of watching it. It's not only visually stunning, but also has some real depth to it. It's funny, thoughtful, exciting, and — I honestly cannot praise it enough! I'd love to see a fic set after the movie, about the further adventures of Cord and the Blind Man. (And, uh, right off the bat I want to encourage you to name the Blind Man — provided you want to, that is! He has a name in the original script, but since the finished movie is very different I don't mind if you'd like to call him something else.)

I love how Cord latches on to the Blind Man almost immediately, all smiles and easy promises. The Blind Man, on his part, has a sharp tongue — but I think there's no mistaking the obvious fondness and affection he develops for Cord. The banter between them is wonderful; definitely one of my favorite aspects of the whole movie. You've probably guessed as much, but if you'd like to write something pairing them up I'd be thrilled!

In the beginning, Cord stands alone. He is his own man, by his own choice — he needs no one, and no one needs him. But he grows as the movie progresses, in more ways than one. I think his character development is really great, and I'd like to see him continue to evolve under the tutelage of the Blind Man. To be honest, I'm not certain if they'd stick around and offer guidance to future Seekers... I almost think they'd be more likely to go off and wander the land. Maybe they experience adventure and fight intimidating foes, or perhaps they simply settle down and enjoy life? Wherever your story takes them, I'll be eager to read it!

I love how pivotal the Blind Man's music becomes to Cord. In the confrontation with Changsha, Cord is losing — then he, alone, hears the flute. He's grounded by it, and manages to prevail. And Cord knows damn well who it is that's playing it, which I think signifies just how important the Blind Man has become to him. Even much earlier, in the waterfall scene, you can see how utterly delighted Cord becomes when the Blind Man shows up again. That brilliant smile of his says it all, I think.

Their roles as teacher and student are obvious, but I'd be excited to see a moment where Cord is able to teach the Blind Man something. Doesn't matter if it's something small and silly, or hugely important (related to their deepening relationship, perhaps?) — I just think it'd be very interesting to see a reversal of roles. Or maybe the reversal can come from something a bit more dramatic? Like, for example, a moment where the Blind Man is in danger somehow, and Cord comes to his rescue.


Aaand that's it! I truly hope you're not feeling disheartened or disappointed by my requests. If there's anything that's unclear or you have something you'd like to ask, I'd be more than happy to answer any questions via the moderators. Or, if you'd rather not contact them, you can also reply anonymously here.

Also, I know I mentioned deleted scenes and books, and I just want to say that if you haven't seen/read those don't worry. I merely wanted to explain why I love these characters and their relationships; I was in no way trying to imply that you must reference or include those things. So please don't worry, okay?

Thank you so much for writing a story for me! I'm ridiculously eager and excited to read it, I really can't wait ♥
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