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Final Fantasy doujinshi by Shirow Miwa (Gee AKA m.m.m.)

In my last doujinshi post I promised emlan that I'd post some pics from Shirow Miwa's doujinshi (the mangaka of Dogs) for her and her friend. So finally here they are, sorry for the delay!

Agharta (FF7)

This doujinshi is absolutely amazing! The art is gorgeous and highly emotive, and the story seems to be superb too (wish I could read it >_<). One thing that really amuses me with this doujinshi is how prophetical it is (considering Advent Children, I mean)... For example it shows Rufus making it out alive but with his left eye hurt (remember it's bandaged in the movie), and in the very end it shows Cloud on a big motorcycle wearing a pair of goggles (just like in the movie).

The drool-worthy cover.

Poor Cloud ;_;

Elena, Reno and Rufus.

I might not like Tifa very much, but I must admit that she looks really cute here.

This scene was very well handled, I think.

The gang (everyone looks great, and I love their new outfits).

So. Very. Sad.

Fragile (FF8)

This is a really great doujinshi, especially if you're like me and love the relationship between Seifer and Squall. They're both handled so well character-wise, and the way they are drawn is nothing but perfect.

The gorgeous cover.

This one's mainly included for the small details; check out the cards they are playing with.

Seifer and Squall run into eachother at the orphanage (although I get the impression Seifer was waiting for Squall to show up).

Gah, I wish I knew what they were saying!

Time for a duel!

Fragile II (FF8)

The sequel (duh), showing off the amazingly dynamic fight between Seifer and Squall. I love this particular doujinshi to bits, especially for the characterization of Seifer; perfectly spot-on (atleast IMHO).

The cover (this is one of my absolute favorite doujinshi covers, I love his smirk and his pose and just guh *flails*).

See what I meant about a dynamic fight?!

When the fight is seemingly at a draw, Seifer starts breaking down...

...But Squall knows exactly how to handle it. What I think (and I do mean think) is happening is that Seifer was angsting about not knowing who he was anymore, and so Squall knocks him flat on his ass and tells him "you are Seifer and I am Squall" and a whole bunch of other things (that I can't read at all dammit *throws a fit*). But yeah, just speculation on my part because I recognized their names in what Squall was saying ^_^;

And all ends well! ...I must say though; with all this touching, smiling, teasing, blushing, fighting, and so on between them, it really makes me wonder if Shirow Miwa is a Seifer X Squall fan. Or maybe I'm just reading too much into it since I myself love that pairing *sheepish grin*

A Story (FF9)

This doujinshi is beautiful, but oh so very sad and depressing... It's centered around Kuja and Vivi, about their last days alive. Oh, and while the cover technically says "A Story I" which hints at there being a sequel, I don't think there is one. The story is definately concluded, and I have never seen anything about a sequel.

The cover, as softly melancholy as the inside story.

Kuja goes to Black Mage Village and meets up with a dying Vivi.

Vivi seems to ask Kuja to make some small dome-shaped things for him (I have no clue what they are, it's been a while since I last played FF9 but I honestly can't remember anything of the sort in the actual game).

Making those things for Vivi seems to have completely drained Kuja, and they both die. ...I told you this was horribly sad, didn't I?

In closing: Shirow Miwa is both an amazing mangaka and doujinshika, and might very well be a Seifer X Squall fan ;P

...Uhm, since we're on the topic anyways, does anyone know what sex Shirow Miwa is? I just assumed s/he was a male at first, but the more I think about it it seems more likely s/he's in fact a female.

Oh, and one more thing; please don't use these pics for anything (icons or whatever). I feel really bad as it is posting stuff from doujinshi without the artist's permission, and this time it's extra bad since I know Shirow Miwa doesn't condone of her/his art being posted like this. So please see these as samples only, and buy your own copies if you ever have the chance (trust me, it's worth it!). I just wanted to say that (in a vain attempt to make myself feel better), although I don't see why anyone would want to use these bad quality pics for anything ^_^;
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