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Dear RMSE Artist/Writer...

Hi there, thank you for coming to read this letter! I'm really excited about this exchange and I hope you feel the same way. Can't wait to see what you create — please just try to enjoy yourself, and I'm sure to love the end result :)

In terms of fic, I love first-time/getting-together stories most of all. But I also enjoy established relationships, so no worries if that's what you'd rather write. I'm all for sex scenes, if that's where the story leads you, but I won't be disappointed if the characters end up taking things slow (and stick with just kissing or ambiguous fade-to-black scenes) — whatever you think works best is alright with me.

For art, I'm open to just about anything! I love seeing the characters being happy together — perhaps doing something silly and laughing about it, or just playing around with each other. This can be as domestic and mundane as doing the dishes together and splashing water on each other, to dancing and stepping on the other's toes. Sweet moments, like embracing while sleeping, are great too. I also really love hurt/comfort, both emotional and physical. Like one character holding the other while they cry, or protectively clutching their wounded lover while glaring daggers at the assailant(s). And I love comics, if you feel like telling a short story! In more general terms, anything that takes place in rain is gold to me. Desperate kissing, fights, staring at someone's back with all the yearning that's normally kept hidden, etc. I can't explain it, but yeah, I'm just a sucker for that. Oh, and the one thing I'm not all that into when it comes to art, is super-graphic sex (like where a dripping dick is the main focus).

Aside from that, the things I like are all over the place — so I'll list a few for you below. Keep in mind that there's no reason for you to worry if the stuff I mention aren't what you had planned! I'm only writing this to give you a general idea of what I'm into, so please don't feel like you must include any of these.

♥ Characters who are unflinchingly loyal, including betrayals that are actually secretly done for the sake of the other.
♥ Protectiveness — especially if the one being protected is quite capable of taking care of themselves, and/or isn't used to someone caring like that.
♥ Stoic characters opening up and revealing feelings they normally wouldn't; the strong-and-silent type showing unexpected vulnerability.
♥ Unrequited love and longing that ends up not being that unrequited after all. UST is great as well, especially if finally resolved.
♥ Moments where one character is completely out of it (due to sleepiness or being wounded or whatever), but is still aware of the other just being there; a comforting and safe presence.
♥ Characters who share a "I understand what you need without having to be told" bond.
♥ Lonely characters finding companionship.
♥ Casual or unconscious displays of power, skill, or strength.
♥ Differences between lovers — height, age, etc.
♥ Indirect kissing, especially if coupled with pining. Like one character lighting a cigarette for the other, or drinking from the same glass.
♥ Playful sex. That's not to say I don't enjoy tender or passionate sex (I do!), but there's just something about two characters being so at ease and comfortable around each other that they're able to joke and laugh while making love.
♥ Rescues, whether it's a matter of life and death or simply being woken from a nightmare.
♥ Rivalries, both of the friendly sort and the more antagonistic kind.
♥ Desperate kissing in the rain. DON'T JUDGE MEEE~

And on the flip side, things I don't want:

♦ Sad stuff involving animals — death, cruelty, etc.
♦ Killing off the characters I've requested, or giving them a serious illness they didn't have in canon (by serious I mean things like cancer and dementia).
♦ Focus on social or political issues.
♦ Crossovers.
♦ Crack.
♦ Meta.
♦ Alternate Universe. I like AUs sometimes, but these fandoms are all rare so I'd like to get fic/art of them as they are (but what-if/fix-it/canon-divergence is perfectly fine).

Now then, here are my actual requests:

Fly, Daddy, Fly

Suzuki Hajime/Park Sunshin:
I love everything about this movie, from the father-daughter bond to the guys in the bus. But most of all I love the relationship between Sunshin and Hajime. I ship them like crazy, to the point where I could analyze the smallest of details at length — I won't do that though, so don't worry ;)

I think it's pretty clear that Sunshin is really quite lonely. It's something he probably wouldn't admit, especially considering all the rumors that circulate about him. I feel like he probably thinks it's better that way; it's easier and less painful to just stay isolated, however much he might actually wish he had someone to talk to. So the way he slowly gains respect for his pupil, and how that morphs into genuine companionship, is just wonderful to watch. Look at his secretly happy smile right after Hajime gives him the rock, for example! Hajime on his part has absolute faith in his teacher ("I... believe in you."), while also coming to deeply care about him.

I'd love to see something set after the movie, because certain aspects of the ending simply break my heart. Please tell me they retained their friendship and still spent time together! I'd also really love to see a moment where Hajime is able to protect Sunshin, as per the request in the tree scene. Doesn't matter if it's protecting him physically or emotionally, I just want Hajime to be able to grant his wish.

I adore Sunshin's fondness for Enter The Dragon, and how he incorporates it into his teachings. And I love how Hajime, who hasn't even seen it before, immediately goes out and buys it. One of my favorite scenes is when Hajime turns the tables on Sunshin, at the amusement park. It always makes me smile, the way he's all cocky about it, when he teasingly quotes Sunshin's favorite movie back at him. It shows just how well they've come to know each other (not to mention the fact that Hajime apparently watched it closely enough to even be able to do that, which I think speaks volumes).

As much as I love the two of them, together, Hajime is married. I don't like infidelity, and I also think it'd be completely OOC for Hajime to betray his wife. So I'd prefer it if their marriage had ended amicably. Just please don't make Yuko the villain; what little we saw of her I did like. The same goes for Haruka — I loved her to bits, and I think she'd try to support her father no matter what.

I should also mention that for Sunshin's name, I'm using the romanization from the DVD. But I don't mind at all if you'd prefer to write it Soon-shin or some other way!


Kazama Jin/Hwoarang:
It's kinda scary to think that, come next year, I will have been a fan of this pairing for twenty years. But yeah, there you have it! There are many other pairings I love in the series, but these two will forever be my favorites. I'm open to anything here; I've played all the games, so feel free to take inspiration from any of them or set the fic/art during whichever one you want.

Specifically for art, I'd love to see them decked out in each other's outfits! I'd be happy with any costumes you pick; they've worn some great stuff over the years, and I love them all. Although I do admit to having a soft spot for Jin's biker outfit, from Tekken 3 and the first Tag (the one with two versions, one yellow and one red). And the outfit Hwoarang wore in his Tekken 5 ending is also somewhat of a favorite of mine. But any of their costumes would be fantastic, honestly! I just think it'd be fun to see, whether the tone is humorous, with them laughing at each other; or something a bit more charged, maybe with them feeling turned on by seeing the other wearing their old outfit.

And speaking of Hwoarang's Tekken 5 ending... *coughs* NGL, it's one of the hottest things ever, as far as I'm concerned. It may not be canon, but I certainly wouldn't mind something set after that fade-to-black! In that same vein, anything that has Jin struggling with his Devil side is gold.

I love the loyalty and protectiveness between them, and how they're both so very vital to each other. The friendly rivalry is fantastic too, like in Hwoarang's Tekken Tag 2 ending — would love something with them racing each other, or making out while on their bikes, or anything else motorcycle-related!

If you've played Tekken 7, I'd really love to see just how Jin reacts when seeing Hwoarang's new look for the first time. A focus on scars is something I'd be very much into, and that goes for both fic and art.

The Silent Flute | Circle Of Iron

The Blind Man/Cord:
This is one of my favorite movies; I never get sick of watching it. It's not only visually stunning, but also has some real depth to it. It's funny, thoughtful, exciting, and — I honestly cannot praise it enough! I'd love to see a fic set after the movie, about the further adventures of Cord and the Blind Man. And, uh, for fics, I totally encourage you to name the Blind Man — provided you want to, that is! He has a name in the original script, but since the finished movie is quite different I don't mind if you'd like to call him something else.

I love how Cord latches on to the Blind Man almost immediately, all smiles and easy promises. The Blind Man, on his part, has a sharp tongue — but I think there's no mistaking the obvious fondness and affection he develops for Cord. The banter between them is wonderful; definitely one of my favorite aspects of the whole movie.

Their roles as teacher and student are obvious, but I'd be excited to see a moment where Cord is able to teach the Blind Man something. Doesn't matter if it's something small and silly, or hugely important (related to their deepening relationship, perhaps?) — I just think it'd be very interesting to see a reversal of roles. Or maybe the reversal can come from something a bit more dramatic? Like, for example, a moment where the Blind Man is in danger somehow, and Cord comes to his rescue. The latter could go many ways — serious and angsty, with hurt/comfort and desperate love confessions prompted by a near-death situation; or lighthearted and humorous, with them bickering every step of the way (since I can't imagine that the Blind Man would be gracious at having had Cord swoop in to save him).

I love how pivotal the Blind Man's music becomes to Cord. In the confrontation with Changsha, Cord is losing — then he, alone, hears the flute. He's grounded by it, and manages to prevail. And Cord knows damn well who it is that's playing it, which I think signifies just how important the Blind Man has become to him. Even much earlier, in the waterfall scene, you can see how utterly delighted Cord becomes when the Blind Man shows up again. That brilliant smile of his says it all, I think.

In the beginning, Cord stands alone. He is his own man, by his own choice — he needs no one, and no one needs him. But he grows as the movie progresses, in more ways than one. I think his character development is really great, and I'd like to see him continue to evolve under the tutelage of the Blind Man. To be honest, I'm not certain if they'd stick around and offer guidance to future Seekers... I almost think they'd be more likely to go off and wander the land. Maybe they experience adventure and fight intimidating foes, or perhaps they simply settle down and enjoy life? Wherever your story/art takes them, I'll be eager to see it!

Specifically for art here, I'd love to see a peaceful moment where the Blind Man plays the flute for Cord — maybe while Cord rests in his lap? Or, to repeat what I said above, one of them protectively holding the other (wounded or just winded), while facing a dangerous opponent.

Three Fugitives

Daniel Lucas/Ned Perry:
As far as I'm concerned, Lucas, Ned, and Meg made for the cutest family ever. I just want to see them stick together — not because of more bank-robbery shenanigans, but simply because they want to. I'd love it if Lucas and Ned came to realize that it isn't all about Meg; that they actually care about each other as well. I think this pairing is basically made for slow burn, UST, and he-could-never-feel-the-same-way-about-me mutual pining — but don't feel like you have to stick to that. I'll honestly love anything, however you see their relationship! I adore their bickering and the overall humor of the movie, so if you'd like to go with a more light-hearted route — perhaps with clumsy seduction attempts? — that'd be just as awesome.

It's pretty obvious that Lucas has lived a lonely life — he mentions growing up in an orphanage, and his "there's no such thing as friends" comment kinda says it all. I'd love to see him getting used to having a family for the first time in his life; to be able to let his guard down, because someone actually cares about him and has his back. He was very sweet and supportive when Ned broke down, and I'd love to see a reversal of roles, with Ned getting a chance to return the favor (with the life Lucas has led, I can't imagine him ever willingly crying in front of anyone — I'd love to see that explored). It'd also be fun to see Ned getting to rescue Lucas, for once! Well, okay, he does bring Lucas to Dr. Horvath, but that doesn't really count since Ned was the one who shot him in the first place ^_^;

This is a rather specific prompt, but how about the guys trying to bake a birthday cake for Meg? I can imagine what a disaster that could turn out to be, and I think it'd make for a really fun piece of art or fic!


Aaand that's it! I really hope you're not feeling disheartened or disappointed by my requests. If anything is unclear or you have something you'd like to ask, I'd be more than happy to answer any questions via the moderator. Or, if you'd rather not contact them, you can also reply anonymously here.

No matter what we matched on, I want to assure you that I'm equally excited about all of these pairings. I know some fandom sections are longer than others, but that is not a sign of preference! My enthusiasm is the same, I promise — it's just a matter of canon length, varying amounts of prompt ideas, and having copied some sections from previous exchange letters while writing others from scratch.

In closing, thank you so much for creating a gift for me! ♥
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