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Dear Yuletide Writer...

Hi there, and thank you for coming to read this letter! Just the fact that you're out there — liking one (or more) of my rare fandoms, and writing a story for me — makes me happy. So please don't agonize over anything; just try to enjoy yourself, and I'm sure to love the end result :)

I'm a shipper at heart, and my prompts definitely reflect that. I do apologize if that's not your thing — warm gen is nice too, so don't worry. If it is your thing, though? I love getting-together/first-time stories most of all. I'm all for sex scenes, if that's where the story leads you, but I won't be disappointed if the characters end up taking things slow (and stick with just kissing or ambiguous fade-to-black scenes). Whatever you think works best is cool with me!

Aside from that, the things I like are all over the place — so I'll list a few for you below. Keep in mind that there's no reason for you to worry if the stuff I mention aren't what you had planned! I'm only writing this to give you a general idea of what I'm into, so please don't feel like you must include any of these.

♥ Characters who are unflinchingly loyal, including betrayals that are actually secretly done for the sake of the other.
♥ Protectiveness — especially if the one being protected is quite capable of taking care of themselves, and/or isn't used to someone caring like that.
♥ Stoic characters opening up and revealing feelings they normally wouldn't; the strong-and-silent type showing unexpected vulnerability.
♥ Unrequited love and longing that ends up not being that unrequited after all. UST is great as well, especially if finally resolved.
♥ Moments where one character is completely out of it (due to sleepiness or being wounded or whatever), but is still aware of the other just being there; a comforting and safe presence.
♥ Characters who share a "I understand what you need without having to be told" bond.
♥ Lonely characters finding companionship.
♥ Characters with self-esteem issues being told just how amazing and important they are (perhaps even in connection with a love confession). If their lack of self-worth stems from something physical, like scars, I'd love for them to be shown — especially if coupled with touch-starvation.
♥ Casual or unconscious displays of power, skill, or strength.
♥ Differences between lovers — height, age, etc.
♥ Indirect kissing, especially if coupled with pining. Like one character lighting a cigarette for the other, or drinking from the same glass.
♥ Characters being brainwashed/mind-controlled/cursed/whatever and forced into fighting against the one they love, who staunchly refuses to fight back. Especially if their shared memories is what finally breaks the spell and saves the day.
♥ Playful sex. That's not to say I don't enjoy tender or passionate sex (I do!), but there's just something about two characters being so at ease and comfortable around each other that they're able to joke and laugh while making love.
♥ Rescues, whether it's a matter of life and death or simply being woken from a nightmare.
♥ Rivalries, both of the friendly sort and the more antagonistic kind.
♥ Princess-carrying! (Or bridal-style carrying, whatever you want to call it.)
♥ Desperate kissing in the rain. Showing up drenched and shivering at the door of a lover-to-be after angsting in the rain is also great. DON'T JUDGE MEEE~

And on the flip side, things I don't want:

♦ Mentions of kidneys or seizures. Please, not even the words themselves.
♦ Sad stuff involving animals — death, cruelty, etc.
♦ Killing off the characters I've requested, or giving them a serious illness they didn't have in canon (by serious I mean things like cancer and dementia).
♦ Infidelity/cheating, polyamory, open relationships, swinging, group sex.
♦ Focus on social, religious, or political issues.
♦ Crossovers.
♦ Crack.
♦ Meta.
♦ Alternate Universe.

Now then, here are my actual requests:

Gik Zin | Unbeatable Ching Fai ~ Lin Si Qi

This is one of my favorite movies ever, I love it so much. Everything about it, from the theme of second chances to the training montages, but above all else I love the relationship between these two. I like teacher/student stuff in general, and when it's coupled with accidental kisses (and not-so-accidental kisses)? Yeeeah, I didn't have a prayer. They're adorable and super-sexy together, and I just love them like crazy.

I love how kind Fai is, and how he instantly took a shine to Qi even though he tried to deny it. Like coming to Qi's rescue when his father was being abusive, patching him up afterwards, and so on. And Qi, trusting Fai so wholeheartedly, both in terms of his training and things like fixing his broken nose. I love how important they become to each other — not to mention the way they can both joke and play around together, as well as open up to reveal things they wouldn't say to anyone else.

Obviously I love the kisses, so a focus on that would be fantastic. I think it's interesting to see how open Qi is with it — I mean, he goes for a kiss on the lips after his first win, despite all the people around and the flashing cameras and the fact that it's being televised. So he clearly doesn't seem to have an issue with showing his affection for Fai in public. And for all his grumbling Fai doesn't really seem to mind all that much, I don't think. Does he believe Qi isn't serious about it, or does he perhaps secretly enjoy it? If it's the former, how would he react if Qi made it clear that he wasn't kidding around? Does Qi ever try to push the issue, or woo Fai in some other way? Maybe Fai is the one who tries to do some wooing? Or perhaps there's just silent pining and angsting about it, until one day the dam breaks for either one of them? I'd be all for some classic 5+1 Things, à la "five times Qi kissed Fai, and one time Fai kissed Qi", if that's something you'd be into!

If you would be up for something angsty, how about having the two of them run into a person from Fai's past? Maybe someone who was in prison at the same time, who gleefully recounts some traumatic moment that Fai feels is shameful? I'd love to see how Qi reacts, and if it leads to some emotional hurt/comfort once they're alone that'd be utterly fantastic!

Or if physical hurt/comfort is more your thing, maybe Fai's arm becomes dislocated again somehow? Would he allow Qi to touch him, this time? Or perhaps he'd even need Qi's help to pop it back into place?

Oh, and if you'd like to write a sex scene, I admit that I have this mental notion of Qi being the most gentle and considerate top. But you absolutely don't have to adhere to that if you don't want to! In general I'm very easygoing when it comes to sexual positions, and I actually love switching — so whatever you want to go with will be just great. Same goes for the sex itself; I'd be equally thrilled with a playful moment in bed together as I would with sparring leading to a rough fuck, and I'd love to read both tender lovemaking with the two of them on the same page and desperate longing while thinking the other just wants a fuckbuddy arrangement.

Gunmen Cole Parker ~ Dani Servigo

This is one of my all-time favorite movies! I remember when it was released, for a while there I watched it like once a week *laughs* I still love it just as much, and these two will always be an OTP of mine. I'd be over the moon with anything pairing these two up, especially something set post-canon about their further adventures. Do they stick together? Or do they split up, and then come to realize just how much they miss each other?

I love that the very first thing Dani does when meeting Cole is throw his arms around Cole's neck and kiss him. Then he excitedly talks about how rich he's about to become, and asks "Wanna come with me?" That's just the first minute of their relationship, but it's a good example of how utterly attached Dani gets to Cole. And the same can be said of Cole, who — despite playing it a bit more cool — clearly also becomes very fond of his bug-eating partner.

The sleep-talking scene is amazing. I mean: "You'da blown me, man." — what a classic line! I think it's pretty damn intriguing that Cole did something like that to begin with, as I feel it gives some pretty clear hints as to his sexuality. So how about some more sleep-talking? Is it just another ruse, or actually real this time? Maybe the nature of it is different, such as revealing some kind of unexpected vulnerability? How does the other react?

Dani calls Cole "city boy", and despite his rough and tough look that seems to be pretty true. I love that he's afraid of both spiders and snakes, and his comment about that unknown jungle sound he's heard in "every single Tarzan movie" is great too. Dani, on the other hand, is extremely capable in that sort of environment. And he's streetwise too; he steals Cole's wallet without being noticed, he knows how to pick locks, and so on. I think all of that reveals the kind of the life he's been forced to lead.

Which brings me to Karl, Dani's brother... That was obviously not a good relationship for Dani, even if he might've been manipulated to believe otherwise. But deep down, I think he knew. When Cole states his theory on the plane, about Karl only returning for Dani in order to kill him, he doesn't disagree or argue at all. It seems like he maybe wants to deny it, but simply can't anymore. Cole's reaction here is lovely, softly saying "Hey..." and trying to take it back. And then he, in turn, opens up about his lost family. It's a great bonding moment, and afterwards, Dani looking at Cole all wounded and shy as he says they both got nothing so together they're "the greatest kind of team" is just... *clutches heart*

Another thing is that Dani never even got to learn how to read, which just makes me so sad. I love how patient Cole is with Dani when he's trying to find the ignition button, and what a genuinely good teacher he is. So I'd love to see anything with Cole continuing to teach Dani how to read! Or Cole offering something else that Dani's brother might have deprived him of — affection, touch, compliments, praise, patient kindness instead of rebuking anger when making a mistake, etc.

I love how protective they both are of each other. Like when they're cornered by Armor and his team outside the bar, and Cole gets hit — Dani's immediate reaction is to yell and try to get them to leave Cole alone, even though that puts himself in danger. Or when Cole makes sure to tell Dani to put on a flak vest. Or, of course, the whole scene in the water! Dani jumping in after Cole, all the super-revealing things he says, Cole coming up behind him and hearing it all (going from bewildered surprise to smiling widely), and the repeated-but-switched dialogue exchange from before... I love it all. Which, ahem, is to say that I'd be thrilled with anything that deals with that mutual protectiveness!

Oh, and NGL, I think Cole is extremely hot (as is Dani, don't get me wrong!). But that doesn't mean I don't laugh my ass off when Izzy makes fun of his hair or calls him Whoopi! So if you wanted to include Izzy, I'd be all for more of that :Db

See No Evil, Hear No Evil Dave Lyons ~ Wally Karew

I love this movie so much! It's one I always watch when I need to cheer myself up, and it never fails to make me laugh. The relationship between Dave and Wally is so wonderful, and I've always shipped them — Gene Wilder described the movie as "romantic" multiple times in the behind-the-scenes featurette, and I can only agree! A later interview had him stating that the chemistry between him and Richard Pryor was "sexual", and again, I agree. So anything at all you want to write pairing them up would be fantastic, whether humorous or angsty or whatever!

I love their first meeting (and their almost-meeting before that, LOL). Dave explicitly seeking for someone with a sense of humor, and Wally proving he has that in spades with his hilarious time-warp comment. Wally getting pissed when offered the job because he doesn't want any pity from a "deaf asshole", and Dave snapping and going "to hell with blind people" — which instantly wins Wally over. And then the fight in the bar...! I love how Dave already displays such a strong sense of protectiveness towards Wally, even though they literally just met. I mean, when he gets pulled away from Wally he's more focused on trying to get back to Wally than he is on defending himself. They grow close so fast, as evidenced by the moment after the fight, when they both open up to each other.

Wally is very complimentary towards Dave, which I think is great. Describing him as someone who smells real good, and, later when feeling Dave's face, telling him that he's a good-looking guy. No doubt Wally thinks he should be able to get laid easily, as evidenced by his question — Dave dodges it by saying the answer is just too sad, but what if Wally kept thinking about it? Maybe he tries to hook Dave up with someone after the events of the movie, only to finally realize that the only person he wants in bed with Dave is himself?

One moment that really speaks volumes is how well they play off each other during the interrogation with Captain Braddock. They're just so in sync, already, and their sense of humor matches perfectly.

As I already mentioned, I love Dave being so protective towards Wally! When they're escaping from the cops and run down an alley he kicks away the trash in their way so Wally won't trip, he always makes sure to loudly count the steps when they reach stairs, constantly tells Wally to watch his knees/head/whatever, and so on. And Wally returns that protectiveness — when caught by Eve and Kirgo he desperately urges Dave to go; to just run and leave him behind (which Dave of course doesn't do *happy sigh*). Or take the way Wally becomes absolutely frantic when Dave takes that flying leap from the car and passes out.

If you'd be up for writing something angsty and serious, how about some touch-starvation? Dave says that his wife left him when he became completely deaf, and he clearly hasn't been with anyone for a long time (possibly eight years). He also says that due to his deafness people are afraid to come close to him or even touch him, so I think it would only make sense for him to be a bit touch-starved. Enter Wally, who touches him all the time. Is that something Dave starts to crave? Does it make him feel things he desperately tries to push down, because surely Wally doesn't mean anything by it?

Another thing I really love is how genuinely good they are for each other. Wally helps Dave get over a lot of his issues, and when Wally falters Dave is there to support and pick him back up. (One of my absolute favorite scenes is when Dave regains consciousness after that car mishap. Wally is holding him, and is really upset and blaming himself for Dave getting hurt. Dave says just the right things to make Wally feel better, and it's just so sweet. The fact that Dave looks at Wally like he's two seconds away from kissing him doesn't hurt either, NGL.)

Streets Of Fire Tom Cody ~ McCoy ~ Raven Shaddock

First off, you don't need to include all three characters. In terms of shipping I'm into Cody/McCoy and Cody/Raven, so if you'd like to write either of those pairings you don't have to include the third character. But if that's not your thing and you'd prefer going a gen route, then I would like all three to be present, please. (I'll start by talking about Cody and McCoy, and then Cody and Raven, so feel free to skip the first few paragraphs below if it's the latter you're into :D)

I love this movie to bits! I've seen it so many times, yet it remains equally as good and entertaining as the first time I saw it. The fantastic music, the super-cool characters, the lush colors and evocative mood that permeates everything... I just really love it.

And speaking of cool characters, nobody is cooler than Cody and McCoy. They make a great team, and I think that — given time — they would be perfect for each other. As for Cody's relationship with Ellen... To me, it strikes me as an impossible first love; passionate and intense, but never going to last (Cody even says so himself). And it's not like it would've been impossible for them to be together, if they'd been willing to make sacrifices.

I'd love to see something set after the movie where Cody, despite perhaps still being hung up on Ellen, comes to realize what's right in front of him. Where he grows to love McCoy, slowly but surely, and then faces the problem of winning her over. He jokes about it at the end — "I guess this is my big chance, huh?" — but I'd love to see him actually taking it seriously.

One scene I think is really intriguing is the one where McCoy asks if he can put her up for the night. He assumes she wants a "quick tumble" and gives her this resigned, weary, almost disappointed smile. And then she promptly proves him wrong. She's quite possibly the first woman who didn't just immediately fall for his looks, and I think that's really important to him.

I love that McCoy is not only extremely capable, but also surprisingly even-tempered! Take the scene where Fish first meets her, for example. He's goading her and saying all kinds of crap, and she doesn't pay him any heed at all. Cody, on his part, is a genuinely nice guy. He may be rough around the edges, but he cares a lot about his friends and family, and tries to do the right thing. Like where McCoy is trying to cheer him up and he basically blows her off, only to later go hunt her down in the bar and try to make up for it. And McCoy accepts it, no grudges held, even giving him a lovely smile. Ah, just thinking about it makes me all flaily — they could be so amazing together!

I'd also be excited to read a fic where one of them is in trouble, and the other must come to the rescue. I admit I have a slight preference for Cody being the one who's in trouble/hurt/kidnapped/whatever — I just think it'd be interesting to see him being that vulnerable, and having someone come save him for once.

Now, as for Cody and Raven! They don't get as many scenes together, but what's there is extremely intriguing. I mean, the very first thing Raven says to Cody is "Well, looks like I finally ran into someone that likes to play as rough as I do." *laughs* Yeah, sure, that's totally not suggestive at aaall...! And then promising that he'll be coming for Cody, and the way they look at each other — there's a whole lot of sexual tension in the air, IMHO. I love rivalslash and enemies to lovers, so anything along that vein would be awesome.

Their big showdown is fantastic, too. Raven shows a code of honor there, by not only fighting Cody by himself but also offering up a matching weapon. And when he loses his sledgehammer, he just stands there — the fear is evident, but he still makes no move to run. He accepts his defeat, right until Cody throws away his own sledgehammer, at which points he snaps. That's really interesting, I think! Is it being shown mercy or fairness he has an issue with, or is it something more personal like not being able to take Cody seemingly looking down on him?

I'd love to see them meeting again after the events of the movie. Do they just randomly run into each other somewhere in the rain-soaked city, or does one of them intentionally seek the other out? Maybe Raven takes to following Cody around, hoping for a second chance at fighting him. Does it start off as merely wanting to settle things and then slowly turn into something else, or does something happen to prompt a change of heart? Maybe Cody is jumped in an alley, and Raven ends up coming to his rescue out of a sense of possessiveness (à la "nobody gets to take him down but me").

Or maybe Cody and Raven ends up joining forces in an uneasy partnership, to take down some bigger evil than they perceive the other to be? Perhaps Raven is thrown out of his gang and shunned after losing to Cody, and the new leader of the Bombers is a million times worse than he ever was. I would also love to see a moment where Cody is protective of Raven — I don't think Raven has ever experienced that before, and it'd be really interesting to see how he reacts!


Aaand that's it! I really hope you're not feeling disheartened or disappointed by my requests. If anything is unclear or you have something you'd like to ask, I'd be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

In closing, thank you so much for writing a story for me! I really can't wait to read it ♥
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  • Dear Yuletide Writer...

    Hi there, and thank you for coming to read this letter! Just the fact that you're out there — liking one (or more) of my rare fandoms, and writing a…

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    Hi there, and thank you for coming to read this letter! Just the fact that you're out there — liking one (or more) of my rare fandoms, and writing a…

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